What is Club Ample?
Club Ample hosts BBW Bashes and is one of the largest social organizations for Big Beautiful Women (BBW), Plus Size Women, Big Handsome Men, their supporters and admirers. Hosting size acceptance events for over 11 years in 8 different states we have brought joy and happiness to thousands of people. Our events are held in top chain hotels and feature the best DJs, lighting & sound systems available.
We are a community dedicated to making the world a better place for our members by actively promoting and supporting fun, friendship, freedom, and fulfillment for each individual. Together Club Ample and our Members are reshaping the way plus size people are viewed in today’s culture. Club Ample is a place where big women and men are royalty every day, a place where people open their hearts to share, support and care for one another and a place where fun reigns supreme.
While we value the individuality of every person, we also recognize that each of us is an essential part of something larger – a movement that is opening the doors to a better tomorrow for big women and men of all ages. We are committed to helping each Member discover the joyful freedom to be found in this world. Every Member enters a community that will be here as they enter a new stage in life. Every Member can expect to be welcomed into our community, and together we will extend a hand of friendship to plus size people around the globe.



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Social Networking

A dedicated website brings more than 30k people together in the BBW community.  www.AmpleBeauties.com

Chat Room

A modern live chat room with webcams which enables people to connect in real time


DJ Dance parties and BBW bashes held in hotel ballrooms throughout the northeast


Smaller outings and gatherings for BBW not into the club scene. Bowling, Karaoke, etc

"This was the best night of my life we had a blast can't wait till next bash!"

− Yessi Tirado

"First timers and we had a blast... can't wait for the next one."

− Erica Perez

"A great,welcoming, non-judgmental crowd.

− Johnny Martin Jr